This changes everything

Physical Chemistry is where Physics and Chemistry meet and should provide the answers to how everything works. Unfortunately, it often falls short.

The problem is Chemistry is the domain of electrostatics, and in most cases, Quantum mechanics is either ignored or misinterpreted. Until now.

Classical theories are generally developed using reductionist approaches, considering compounds in isolated reactions in “sterile” conditions, ignoring not only water, but also the salts and gases. In reality all interactions take place in complex macro solutions and therefore only a holistic approach can hope to explain reality. What was once ignored, has been included. It turns out that whilst the salts and gasses in water may be almost negligible in mass, they are critical drivers of fundamental forces. So we included them….

This fundamentally new approach to interaction of Quantum and Electrostatic Forces in real world environments has led to a paradigm shift in understanding. This breakthrough has far reaching implications and is already reshaping everything we know from water treatment to COVID-19.